A banquet fit for a historic towns crit

Adrian Gale, Peter Cook and Richard MacCormac were among those dining out in Devon in 1988.

Date 1988
Location Dartington Hall

This photograph was taken at the Whyte Hart Dining Hall at Dartington Hall, Devon, during a residential weekend course on the design of buildings in historic town centres.

Organised by Adrian Gale, who was then professor of architecture at nearby Plymouth Polytechnic, the course offered local practitioners the opportunity to undertake design exercises for sites in the neighbouring Saxon town of Totnes under the guidance of team leaders Peter Cook, Richard MacCormac, Ted Cullinan, Sherban Cantacuzino and John Miller. Their efforts were then critted on Sunday afternoon by a panel led by Denys Lasdun.

The photograph captures the pre-crit lunch, presided over by Gale at the head of the table, with Lasdun and Cullinan to his left and Manser and the guest engineer, Tony Hunt, to his right. They are joined by some of the participants. All identifications gratefully received.

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