Bauhaus launches social housing prize

The Bauhaus has launched a social housing award for young architects based on the projects that made the design school’s name in its 1920s heyday.

The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation’s 2008 award, launched this month, focuses on housing shortages and invites architects under 40 to submit solutions that address “the relationship between poverty and the housing shortage”.

The award borrows its theme and title from the legendary second International Congress of Modern Architecture, held in Frankfurt in 1929, where architects including Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius and Le Corbusier presented social housing prototypes during a global economic recession.

The foundation is seeking creative designs, concepts and models concerned with the strand of housing policy aimed at those who “live on the subsistence minimum and are therefore unable to establish themselves in the housing market”.

Graeme Williamson, director of Block Architecture, said the award criteria were bold in the way they paired two quite different objectives.

“The large-scale, modular approach required of social housing, coupled with the craft focus of Bauhaus, where detail design plays a key role, could make for some interesting results,” he said.

Submissions, which can include projects from the past five years, must be completed by March 31; the first prize is €6,000 (£4,530).


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