Chaudhuri Architects completes Surrey home

Cate St Hill

Studio Cottage Surrey, Chaudhuri Architects

Adapted a Patrick Gwynne design

London-based Chaudhuri Architects has completed a private cottage in Esher, Surrey.

The original scheme was designed by the late British architect Patrick Gwynne. The site is enclosed within the walls of The Homewood, Gwynne’s 1939 house for his parents which was left to the National Trust.

Shortly before his death in 2003, Gwynne sold the adjoining plot for the cottage with the planning permission to a private client.

Chaudhuri Architects took over the project in 2004, adapting Gwynne’s design with the addition of a basement level and changes to the interior and exterior. Only the footprint of the original design was kept.  

The scheme was awarded planning permission in 2008 and finished on site in June 2012.

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