Jerry Tate to take part in Dartmoor Arts Project again

Cate St Hill

Jerry Tate's 2012 Spatial Structures Project in Dartmoor

A summer school for young architects with the chance to build at 1:1

Jerry Tate is teaming up with Architectural Association tutor Charley Brentnall and timber specialist Henry Russell for this year’s Dartmoor Arts Project.

Now in its 7th year, the Spatial Structures Project is a summer school for young architects and students, that offers them the chance to build at 1:1.

Each year a new structure is collaboratively conceived, designed and built over 6 days.

Jerry Tate said: “I think the course is interesting in two ways, firstly working with the ‘art of the possible’ and secondly as an experience of collaborative design and construction. In terms of working within practical constraints, we only have a limited time, local materials, an immediate site and the students on the course to make a space, and it is a fantastic experience to see how, with concentrated effort, you can achieve miracles in such a short time-frame”.

Last year, students created a treehouse for children out of locally sourced larch and spruce.

The event is taking place from 28 July to 3 August this year. Dartmoor Arts Project are also offering bursaries to enable young architects who are still studying or at the beginning of their careers to take part.

Find out more at their website:

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